Scuderia Growth Strategy

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AGENCY: Harvest Digital CLIENT NAME: Scuderia Campaign started: 09/01/2021 Campaign ended: 09/11/2022 Created at: September 12, 2022 BRIEF Scuderia sells spare parts and tuning services for very high-end luxury car marques including Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche. This year we have added Land Rover to the mix – so we have had to build traffic from a standing start [...]

Club REHAU Expert

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AGENCY: Create Direct CLIENT NAME: REHAU Campaign started: 07/15/2021 Campaign ended: 07/15/2024 Created at: August 31, 2022 BRIEF A program that aims to increase franchised dealers and showrooms' loyalty, increase sales, reward fidelity. - A multi-layered platform that incorporates all tools necessary for REHAU dealers’ success. - Offering rewards and benefits that motivate dealers for continuous collaboration - [...]


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AGENCY: Create Direct CLIENT NAME: Cesal Campaign started: 04/08/2020 Campaign ended: 04/08/2024 Created at: August 30, 2022 BRIEF Campaign objectives: Loyalty of construction workers Rewarding construction workers Increasing exposure among construction workers Sales increase STRATEGY: Create Direct has developed a reward and loyalty platform for Cesal, in November 2020. Meseriada The Meseriada platform uses Rewardiful, the efficient [...]

Wholesale CLUB PRO by Michelin

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AGENCY: Create Direct CLIENT NAME: Michelin Campaign started: 03/15/2021 Campaign ended: 12/31/2024 Created at: August 30, 2022 BRIEF Based on CLUB PRO by Michelin- a cashback platform dedicated to professional end-users for truck and light-truck tyres, create a program to reward and incentivize Michelin dealers. The campaign objectives: -Increase sales by rewarding dealers with cashback for their Michelin [...]

Micromarketing-campaign for glass fibre

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AGENCY: B&F Brueggemann & Freunde CLIENT NAME: SWB Campaign started: 05/31/2022 Campaign ended: 07/16/2022 Created at: August 17, 2022 BRIEF swb is a subcompany of EWE – one of the biggest suppliers of energy and telecommunication for Northern Germany. We are often tasked with marketing campaigns for their glass fibre expansion (modern technology for a highspeed-internet-connection). The micromarketing [...]

Campaign for a greener world

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AGENCY: B&F Brueggemann & Freunde CLIENT NAME: EWE Campaign started: 06/30/2022 Campaign ended: 07/31/2022 Created at: August 12, 2022 BRIEF EWE – one of the biggest energy suppliers of Northern Germany – noticed that the customer satisfaction dropped significantly in 2021. To gain favor and strengthen the customer loyalty, EWE wanted to create a high-value givewaway mailing. The [...]

Are you ready for BEEF MODE!?

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AGENCY: vandenbusken CLIENT NAME: JACK LINK’s Campaign started: 01/08/2022 Campaign ended: 02/28/2022 Created at: August 11, 2022 BRIEF Are you already in BEEF MODE!? Sounds like Beast Mode huh? You’re right. BEEF MODE is the state of mind where everything is possible! And the ticket to BEEF MODE is the dried beef snack of our client Jack Link’s. [...]