vandenbusken created a campaign for ECOstyle Group. A client which develops and markets ecologically responsible products for healthy soils, plants, crops, animals and livestock. Their products facilitate a low-threshold responsible choice of products. A disease, plague or pest is effectively cured or prevented, and with a bonus: a positive effect on nature.

ECOstyle asked vandenbusken to create a campaign to drive more sales out of the current COVID-19 situation. In The Netherlands is no lock down, but people have to stay at home if possible. People are able to shop in physical stores, like garden centers. Currently households have more time to improve their homes. As a result, lots of people are working in their gardens. Important in this campaign is to focus on the ecological benefits of the ECOstyle products.

“With ECOstyle, You Are Done With It”. The concept is invented with three directions: 

Done with all your gardening activities.
Done with all chemical products that are harmful for your garden and health of yourself, your family and everything that lives in your garden.
Done for the rest of the year!

To grab the attention, we have created challenging and funny visuals from specific problems in gardening to accompany the triggering “Done With It” claim. It reflects situations in which you see the positive results by using ECOstyle products. The visuals are spread through social media and billboards near garden.

To drive sales, we have created the “Done With It Calendar”. By answering a few questions, the consumer receives a complete overview with all products they need for their garden throughout the year. The calendar has multiple advantages:

1. To trigger consumers to buy more products at once.

2. To save data for retargeting campaigns and newsletters.

3. To get insights of the market with the data of the campaign.

The results of social media campaign are € 1,49 per conversion. And in the first couple of weeks are 3.750 calendars created and already used to buy the products. The campaign is still going strong. We just launched a radio commercial and out of home.