IDN AGENCY NAME: NXT/A2N Reklame & Digitalbyrå


NXT/A2N is the result of a happy marriage between the advertising agency NXT and the digital agency A2N. Both agencies were founded in 2000 and had solid positions within their respective fields. NXT started as a DM-specialist providing cost effective and response-triggering solutions and became one of Norway’s leading Direct Marketing agencies (we are proud to say that we still are). A2N started out providing cost effective websites on its own proprietary platform, having produced and hosted thousands of web pages throughout the years.

In 2012 the two agencies joined forces and are situated at the same premises in the heart of Oslo. Although we still are two legal entities we operate as one agency, offering a wide variety of marketing and communication services. We also have ownership in film production and event agencies, as well as a couple of print, packaging and fulfillment houses. With a broad mix of expertise within several fields, NXT/A2N has managed to attract larger and more demanding accounts. The key to success lies within a willingness to adapt without losing track of our main mission – we create results for our clients!


NXT/A2N is one of Norway’s leading campaign agencies. Campaign management and the creation of measurable and profitable results for our clients is deeply rooted within our DNA. We offer expertise knowledge and services within our four main fields:

• Advertising Services
• Printing & Packaging
• Web Design & Development
• Digital Performance Marketing

Advertising services: Our creative team handles a wide variety of projects ranging from production of magazines, direct mail and web banners to complex multi-channel campaigns, creative concepts and visual identities. Digital formats come as natural as analogue for us, and we have started to see an increasing demand of film- and content-based communication. We pride ourselves on always having a strategic mindset when helping our clients achieving the targets they have set.

Printing & Packaging: Our experienced Production Managers have a network of printing houses and other suppliers from all over Europe. We handle everything within graphic production, ranging from personalized and exclusive mailings for the B2B-segment, to large scale self-mailer productions to the entire population. And of course – we help our clients with other productions such as magazines, brochures, exhibition materials and profiling articles as well.

Web design & development: Our web team provides large and complex web solutions as well as smaller campaign sites. We handle the front-end production from Oslo and have a team of back-end developers in India. Regardless whether the page is produced on our own platform or WordPress, hosting and support is a natural part of the service. When investing in a new webpage, there is often a need for an upgrade of the visual identity. Our creative team comes in handy in such circumstances.

Performance marketing: Our Performance team helps our clients driving traffic to their websites and to reach specific conversion-targets. We have eight Performance Specialists with expertise knowledge in fields such as Google Analytics & AdWords, SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing. Of course, they are certified within their respective fields and we are proud to be a Google Premier Partner as well as Fanbooster Certified Partner (Fanbooster is an official Facebook marketing platform).

There are twenty-seven people working at NXT/A2N and we are proud of our wide mix of expertise within several fields. Among the Norwegian mid-size agencies there are few who can compete with us when it comes to the variety of services we can provide in-house. We have a lean organization where all our employees are used to working directly with our clients. There are no fixed teams and hence we can adapt the resources efficiently in order to meet the needs of every single client.

Nina Eriksson (A2N) and Johan Ekman (NXT) are the leaders of their respective agencies. Nina and Johan work close together with the development of NXT/A2N and are also actively engaged as Advisors in both strategic and creative processes for our clients. Marketing strategy and concept-development is Johan’s major strengths while Nina has a solid digital background. She is our Social Media expert, responsible for the development of NXT/A2N’s Performance team.
Vegar Hoel is our Creative leader and one of our strongest and most experienced designers. Vegar is the go-to-person when it comes to creative concepts and visual identities. He is also responsible for training the designers and quality assurance.
Thomas Andresen is one of our Advisors with account responsibility for several of our larger clients. Thomas is a solid relationship-builder that takes active part in the creative processes of our clients.
Greger Flak is one of our Digital Advisors with specialist knowledge within web page production and Google. He has an open mind and always tend to see possibilities that others have missed.