For us as an agency 2022 begun rather unexpected. But positive. We gained five big accounts. Something that we all were hoping for. The Dutch Post “PostNL” knocked on our door to be a new client. But also former clients like Stanley, Black+Decker and DeWalt came back after a three year hook-up with McCann. We are now already in the process to develop these campaigns. Also BiFi (well known in Western Europe) and Jack Link’s asked us to create with great urgency new activation campaigns. Something we do by heart.

On the other side vandenbusken also changed in staff. Well-known faces for you like Jelle and Jeffrey (2 time winner of the pineapple awards) in the network went to other companies. Although we will miss them, I understand that it is human nature to sometimes change your habits. And with the new staff?  It is hard work, as you know, to get the new staff in rhythm. But ‘new blood’ in the agency is always good.

Overall, I am excited about 2022. I am looking forward to it. Also in my new role as chairman of InterDirect!