Burger King is an American global chain of fast food restaurants. The brand is present in more than 100 countries with over 15,000 restaurants including 300 in France. After the acquisition in 2015 of the 400 Quick restaurants and their transformation into Burger King restaurants, the brand continues its development to reach 600 restaurants in France in 2020.
To understand deeply the french market and discover the best digital and environmental innovations in the food sector, Burger King has asked Et Vous Agency to organize a Food & Store Tour in destination to the marketing directors of the different countries. Et Vous Agency conceived and organized a customized program to show and explain the best innovations in the French capital. The strategic pole of the agency carefully selected and decrypted the best concepts and examples.
On May 21st, the visits took place in Paris, guided by experts, in both languages : english and french. The brand’s marketing directors received a book to summarize the discoveries and analyzes. As a result, the Food & Store Tour gave to the brand a decoding of the market and its evolutions but also an immersion in the heart of the districts carrying these innovations.