Create Direct offers now a comprehensive rewards catalogue with prizes that range from vouchers to products and experiences, while also ensuring a complete fulfilment and logistic process.

The client can count on receiving proper campaign support through direct mail, call-center, digital campaigns etc. The agency has a product storage space with a capacity of 10,000sqm and a management power of more than 4,500 orders per day. Create Direct integrates the services of pick-up, storage, parcel making and return management, ensuring the entire logistics process, with optimized execution times and costs.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that vouchers are a hit with consumers. Offering vouchers as prizes is a trend on the rise. Create Direct provides the clients with vouchers from globally recognized brands like Nike, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Ikea,  Amazon and so on. Most of the vouchers are being shipped by email in the same day as the order.

An entire rewards campaign can be set from start to finish, with every process running smoothly and stress free for the client.