Spotta – the biggest Dutch distributor of unaddressed printed advertising material – asked vandenbusken to create a ‘welcome in your new office creative marketing stunt’ for their client WPP. WPP is a British multinational advertising and public relations company and has moved into their new building in the center of Amsterdam. Spotta wanted an idea that is so powerful that everyone within WPP talks about it, and Spotta will be top of mind again. Second goal is that the decision maker wants to make an appointment with Spotta account manager to add the unaddressed advertising in their marketing plans.

With the help of vandenbusken, Spotta has given them a playful housewarming gift; the Spotta bicycles. Notable purple bikes so that they can reach their Amsterdam customers quickly, affordably and conspicuously.
The approach; Spotta does not only get consumers in motion (figuratively) but their clients as well (literally)!