May was an eventful month for IDN. On the 13th, in Vienna, agency members gathered for IDN Managers Meeting. The event was hybrid, with other members joining the conference via Zoom.

This year, the theme was Cross-Agency Collaboration. IDN is built on collaboration and cooperation, shared ideas and insights. As obvious of a choice the theme was, it sparked great conversation that revealed most of us lost sight of the opportunities we can create for our business, through collaboration.

Each agency had its own presentation, outlining its strengths and capabilities. We shared our work strategies and agency-client tips for building long-term, strong relationships.

Our meetings are always insightful, the conversation flows organically, the chemistry is undeniable, and we always leave feeling empowered and excited to implement our newly discovered ideas.

Below you can find some of the presentations from the conference, with more to come.


Jack Link’s over the retail activation campaign – vandenbusken case study

CLUB PRO by Michelin – Create Direct case study

Cross-agency collaboration IDN Managers Meeting 2022

B&F IDN Managers Meeting 2022

Harvest Digital IDN Managers Meeting 2022