The objective was to discover a convincing and profitable business extension to a mindfulness-based management coaching company Andas.

To disclose options that would target marketing potential we ended up using social network analysis. That is a method that identifies what kind of expert discussions are going on about business areas in the social media (mainly in Twitter), who the influencers are and what the agendas are, possibilities and customer needs and problems underneath. This is done by tracking key words and links between active profiles.

The analysis found a new and lucrative market sector: there was a constant need for preventive ways to intervene exhaustion and stress of personnel in all sizes of companies and organization levels for superiors and occupational health care.

As a result, Andas has been able to achieve a bolder position in the market and an extended target group including social institutions. And based on the social network analysis, Andas has been able to produce influential content for new target groups.