It’s almost that time of year again, for all of us to reunite, get inspired and start sharing our experiences and expertise on digital and data driven marketing. As you know, this year we decided to take a big step forward and expand our IDN Meetings by sharing our knowledge with the world. Therefore, Day 1 & 2 – first half, of our event will be an open event – The Digital Marketing Transformation Conference with over 100 attendees.

Starting October 26 (from noon) to October 28, we will have our exclusive meeting for IDN members, the IDN Creative & Strategic Forum. During this forum you and your team will experience:
• New tech trends and marketing automation training done by our IDN Singapore member – KatalystM.
• Participating to IDN Awards ceremony – don’t miss the deadline for submitting the works. Please see details here.
• Lots of cases from the members, which are the trend in our agency world and much more interesting presentations.

So, if you haven’t already, hurry up and REGISTER HERE for this year’s Digital Marketing Transformation Conference and IDN Creative and Strategic Forum 2018 in Barcelona, Spain!
We kindly ask you to register by September 14, so that we can avoid accommodation penalties.

Conference Hot Topics

Adjusting our business models to the digital universe evolving at the speed of light, has been the forefront of all our minds. What can we do to better our marketing strategies and meet the needs of our audience based on their use of technology?
Digital Marketing Transformation & IDN Creative & Strategic Forum will focus on cherry-picked topics to inspire our minds:
• The digital transformation of a nation
• The future of marketing
• Loyalty vs Digital: how does digital transformation affect your customer loyalty approach
• GDPR: How the European Regulation will affect our marketing campaigns
• Technologies for marketing automation – Training for members
• Get inspired from lots of members case-studies

Check out the event page for the full schedule and latest news