„Outrageously successful“ – The new B&F Book

Our new book to attract new customers is published in the 10th issue and is boasting a real track record. Because a book is characterized by several advantages: We benefit from an enormous service life and length of stay. In addition, the book offers enough space for backgrounds and a lot of scope to put the conception and design in the spotlight.

Additionally we gain points of contact for the acquisition on the phone.

Finally, the book had to be actively requested by interested parties, which

already requires a basic interest in our work.

A little cheeky, we have also advertised our new book.

Following on from the title „Outrageously Successful“, we boldly put the core expertise of B&F in the spotlight with  slogans such as „crude dialogue“, „disgustingly effective“, „damned sales-driven“ and „shamelessly specialized“. Sure – we were loud. But we were also heard! The new book goes like sliced bread.

Don’t be shy! We have a brand new copy for all IDN friends. Only in German language, but for free available for you: www.bfbo.de/buch10