In 2014 Create Direct launched REHAU Rewards, an incentive program targeting plumber teams.

The mechanics is quite simple, the plumber could win points for every purchased REHAU product reported into the platform, based upon a previously established points grit and also in the platform the user could convert points into prizes. The program is going very well growing in users and in prize orders.

Given the above details and the trends of nowadays, Create Direct developed REHAU Rewards Mobile App, available both on Android and iOS. Basically, the user has all the platform available in his pocket. Probably the best feature of the app is the purchase reporting module. The user can simply push a button, the phone’s camera activates, takes a picture of the acquisition proof (invoice) and saves it automatically into the user’s account. All this takes less than 10 seconds and could be done anytime anywhere saving time for the plumber.

Also, having a mobile app lets REHAU as a brand communicate easily with the users by sending them push notifications, and by doing so REHAU can now replace SMS and Email communication with a solution that also is in the users pocket and its free.