Story description:
Our client KlaraMaten, supplies groceries with ready-cooked and portioned meals to individuals and companies in the Stockholm area. Almost everyone else in the industry offers bags of raw materials, where you yourself need to cook the food.

Our communicative concept:

There are many who find it difficult to get together the “life puzzle”, especially families with children. A home-delivered bag of groceries can make life easier for many, and several of the other grocery suppliers also talk about “saving time” and “get a simpler life.” But how much time do you really save if you still have to peel the potatoes and stir the pots?
With KlaraMaten ready meals you save time for real. It is the single strongest argument for why to choose KlaraMaten, which we will emphazise in the communication.

With KlaraMaten you just need to heat the food three minutes in the microwave oven before it’s ready to eat. And, as everyone knows, the microwave oven says “Pling!” when the food is ready.

Pling! Food’s ready.