AGENCY: & et vous
Project: Conversations Festival
Campaign started: March 19, 2018
Campaign ended: April 16, 2018
Created at: January, 2012

In a context in which people are less and less capable of starting a conversation in public places such as streets and subways, and even in privacy, Guillaume Villemot (EtVous Agency co-director) launched the Conversations Festival in 2012 in order to talk about what are conversations, why they are a huge stake for our society and how we can fight for their protection.

How to make Conversations a main concern for people? That was the real question behind this project. Thanks to the founder’s network, we succeed in inviting notorious people like Pascal Dibie (in ethnology), Flavie Flament (in radio animation), or Edouard Baer (in radio animation and cinema) in order to arouse people’s curiosity. Moreover, the festival was well-covered in the media. Le Parisien, La Croix, News, Influencia and many other newspapers published an article about the Conversations Festival sixth edition, RTL and FranceInter relayed the event, as well as M6 channel at TV. Thus, the Conversations Night which took place in Paris on April the 16th was a huge success: very crowded and high appreciated.
With the aim of extending the ambition to assert Conversations as a precious community property, Guillaume Villemot launched a petition to enter Conversations at the UNESCO immaterial inheritance.

Website visits: +?
Facebook visits: +88% (in 1 month)
Petition signatories: +200 (in a few days)