As creator and administrator of HP Bonus Club, one of the main loyalty programs in our portfolio, developed for HP customers, Create Direct is now in charge of the digital campaign for recruiting new users and activating the existing ones, taking over the marketing plan from another advertising agency.

Already in the 2nd month and round of Facebook Ads, the campaign managed to reduce the cost per lead with approximately 80% and increase the number of new users with 26%, and continues to grow following on going optimization process.

As for the targeting techniques used, lookalike audience based on the existing subscribers and remarketing proved to be the most successful. Out of the 11 different ads, the most efficient one brought 43% of the total amount of new users. Up to this point, conversion rate is 5.08%, but with the campaign on going and with constant optimization, it will continue to grow and bring in more users and activations. As D. Ogilvy’s words of wisdom, “never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving”.