After having developed the Romanian reward platform for Bayer CropScience (one of the world leaders in the agricultural sector), Create Direct now used that experience to lay the foundation of the Bulgarian version of the platform.

Bayer Bonus Club is a complete and complex program for rewarding farmers using Bayer products. The more products they buy and register in the program, the more points they accumulate, which they can use for acquiring various prizes available in the online catalogue. A wide variety of over 120 products and services are available, like gifts, electronics, hobbies & experiences, home & garden, travel and also other Bayer products and Agro Services.
Apart from a wide range of prizes, subscribers are also constantly updated on the latest news on new Bayer products, or receive invitations to events and benefit from the support info line available for them.

The platform was developed by the Create Direct Romanian team and is now administrated by the Bulgarian headquarters. After only one month since it was launched, Bayer Bonus Club is evolving fast and increasing its subscribers and popularity on a daily basis.