On June 1st, Michelin and Create Direct launched CLUB PRO by Michelin, the international loyalty program for professional tire users for trucks, vans, buses and coaches, which rewards customers with cashback on the purchase of Michelin tires, thanks to innovative mechanics of up-sell and cross-sell.

The CLUB PRO by Michelin platform developed by Create Direct is multi-country and has been launched simultaneously in four countries: Romania, Croatia, Greece and Hungary. Create Direct manages the entire program, from processing and validating proof of purchase to managing and making payments.

In cashback campaigns, the end customer is rewarded with a fixed amount for each purchase of products participating in the program. The platform developed by Create Direct allows an optimal targeting of users by segmenting them according to the type of companies they represent, whether they are transport companies, construction companies or courier companies. The program also co-opts Michelin tire distributors.

CLUB PRO by Michelin members can view the history of transactions, the status of registered invoices, the status of cashback requests, but also active promotions or the cashback grid.

Valentin Cojocaru, B2B Operational Marketing Michelin:

”CLUB PRO by Michelin is the way we respond to customer needs and a way to thank them for the trust they place in us. We wanted an intuitive platform, with a simple and transparent reward process, in line with the values ​​of the Michelin brand. The feedback received so far has been excellent, a sign for us that the program is in line with our customers’ expectations.”

Cosmin Lăcătușu, executive director of Create Direct:

“B2B cashback campaigns are much more effective in motivating customers, increasing sales and reinforces brand loyalty, compared to those focused on offering discounts. The latter affects the perceived value of the product and weakens the brand’s credibility in front of customers.

Our experience in developing loyalty programs, B2B and B2C trade and rewards campaigns allows us to propose and develop cashback campaigns internationally through which partners and end customers are equally involved and motivated.”