The inevitable and much discussed alignment with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) finally happened in all of EU and with it begins a whole new era for online data protections. Starting May 25, companies are required to collect, process and protect their personal data with increased safety and provide users the power of decision-making and control over the personal information they provide.

As a solution for organizations’ websites and web apps to become GDPR compliant as fast and as safe as possible, Create Direct brings you Smart Consent, the ready-made solution that facilitates the aligning of the companies to the new rules of data protection collecting, versioning and demonstrating consent, cookie policies and logging of actions to access and modify databases.

Smart Consent is the SaaS solution designed to help organizations’ marketing departments become compliant with GDPR and enable valid consent and versioning, managing and personalizing the customer communication and cookie management preference system, and maintaining permanent evidence of these preferences.

Consent & Preference Management

The Smart Consent platform has the ability to provide companies with the necessary resource to obtain consent and to track, manage and store granular subsequent successive changes to consent and communication preferences, to provide greater transparency and control to users, also centralizing versions and history in order to be able to prove collected consent at any time and the way the user has agreed to the communication.

Cookie Consent Management

Companies will need to provide users with clear and detailed information about the types and purposes of the cookies they use and store on users’ device, provide ways for users to give or withdraw their consent to their use. Smart Consent makes it easy to manage your user consent and preferences with a customizable widget that can be placed on your web platform.

Database access log

With Smart Consent, marketers can keep a clear record (a log) of users’ access to their database and their IDs, resources they have accessed, or interactions with the database, in order to detect at any time, the source of any problems that may arise. In the event of a data breach, the Data Protection Authority may ask for such log.
For companies that process personal data in the online environment, there is a need for an understanding and a complete picture of their plan to collect, store and manage and, in particular, consent to their storage and use so that they can properly manage their communication with users and always demonstrate to the user or authorities, on request, the consent that has been collected.
Smart Consent is the solution by which we commit to helping companies – especially marketing departments that manage web sites through which they process data – to provide them with a comprehensive solution for consent management under GDPR.
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