X-mas is coming and every company is sending gifts and presents to their partners and big thank you for all the projects done together. Create Direct also reached out to its friends and partners using the most recent project launched – REWARDIFUL and sent Christmas gifts based on the partners’ choice.

We invited 63 of our partners to go along to our Christmas game and promoted the Rewardiful platform by getting partners to go through the entire rewards process and at the end, get one of the gifts we prepared for them.

It was an instant success with gifts being awarded in a matter of hours and just a few days until all the people that chose a gift received it. We received lots of congratulations for the very innovative way of saying thank you and offering the present.

We offered a variety of six gifts of their choosing and brought partners closer using an internal software product. The invitation and the reminder we sent 5 days later got the gifts to the targeted people and brought a bit of the holiday spirit a few days before the season.