Qualidz, the solution created for providing quality leads and conversions as a response to today’s marketing challenges, developed and adapted an array of services that are used for achieving its clients marketing goals, everything under the sign of performance.

The most recent project was developed for Dent Estet, one of the most dominant dental clinics in Romania. The objective was to gather as many quality leads as possible, in the form of applicants for their School of Dental Office Managers, by mainly addressing doctors who own dental cabinets and their medical assistants. The campaign also raised awareness on the importance of learning how to best administrate their cabinets in order to be able to focus more on their profession.

The team in charge used A/B testing techniques and created 3 different landing pages  to see which one offers the best results. Depending on the different layouts, landing page C performed best and had a 1.37% conversion rate:
·        Landing page A https://goo.gl/sKRUqQ
·        Landing page B https://goo.gl/hPe0bg
·        Landing page C https://goo.gl/vkOdHE

The media budget was invested mostly in Facebook ads and paid posts, which turned out to be the most efficient communication channel.
The entire campaign was a process of continuous testing and optimizing, in order to deliver as many quality leads as possible. 77% of the leads were generated from mobile users, and 23% from desktop users.