The global situation didn’t stop the IDN e-Creative & Strategic Forum 2020 from happening. It took place online, on the 8th of October and it was a success.

The theme this year was Creating (in) the Future. Insightful, as always, the conference brought forth relevant topics on what changes we are facing during these unusual times we are all living. Jos Birken spoke about on the chances of the coronavirus crisis pushing towards innovation, automation and AI, and how would that influence the marketing agencies? It is difficult to know the future but, as we all came to discover thanks to our guest speaker Zsa Zsa Balian, it can be predicted with Scenario Planning. Keeping with the theme, Sjoerd Feenstra from VAINU was the guest speaker on the future of sales with the use of data, ICP & timing.

Furthermore, you can’t really Create (in) the Future without learning more about how to lead a Colden Circle for a client, or discover new tools and tricks for developing a new name for a product or service. These 2 topics were approached in 2 separate workshops led by Arnout and Caspar van den Busken.

The cases presented were fascinating, inspirational, creative and a real boost of confidence for all present that we can and we will adapt to whatever is coming our way.

Later that evening, the IDN Awards 2020 ceremony was probably one of the best online gathering we ever had. Fun, spontaneous, and laced with a fine selection of wines the participants got to taste, under the guidance of a sommelier.

InterDirect Network is pushing forward. We are all facing challenging times, but the collaboration and the bond created between the agencies is far stronger than that.