BTicino operates in the BtoB sector and its main customers are wholesalers.
A strong influence and education for the use of its products BTicino addresses it to installers (electricians) and designers (architects and / or engineers) of specialized studies because sometimes they may be dictating the technical choices of the plants.

The message that BTicino has to pass is therefore diversified by target, as well as touch points and forms of communication. All to communicate from 2 directions: from the bottom, educating the target user of the products and from above stimulating the purchase target.

In BTicino, the One to One relationship with the customer is built through multiple corporate channels like
• The events,
• The DEM campaigns,
• The web communication,
• The call center,
• Training courses
• Sales force services.
These channels generated large volumes of information but were not reconciled, so it was impossible to have a closer look at each customer’s relationship.
In order to develop the best CRM and communication activities, it has therefore decided to focus and co-ordinate customer relationships with a new and unique point.
So DM GROUP developed My Bticino, a digital interaction web site with the professional customer, full of services and opportunities to be exploited daily.
The project aims to build a mapping of customer experience and customization of content and, thanks to the help of marketing automation systems, to interact with customers in a timely and constructive manner.
The core of the project is a private area where industry professionals find digital tools useful for everyday work: from requesting quotes to download technical software, from software configuration to video tutorials, to Training courses.
The platform takes into account data from the database, the history of interactions with BTicino (purchases, courses, quotes required) and customizes the content according to customer preferences and experience.