Most people shy away from asking for help. They wait until the last minute, waste energy and resources and keep themselves stuck. Don’t be like those people.

It`s okay to admit that the pandemic has taken us all by surprise. Furthermore, it’s advisable to ask for help, assistance, guidance and keep an open mind about new strategies in running your business.

We, the members of InterDirect Network, are very lucky to be part of such a resourceful organization. We can lean on each other, we can support each other, we can help each other!

We are hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other but that won’t stop us from coming together. That is the reason why the webinar `How can we hack the crisis, together` was created. From the need of sharing and exchanging ideas, discoveries, insights, and personal observations that gives us the upper hand during volatile times.

The first `episode` of the webinar series took place last Thursday and lasted for an hour. And what a wonderful hour that was!

Leonie, Nille and Jos were our speakers, but everyone shared their thoughts on the topics discussed. It was such an insightful conversation! We highly recommend you watching it. To see the recorded webinar, click below or here.

`How can we hack the crisis, together` will happen again on August 13th. Everyone is invited to attend and share their opinions, projects, stories. More information about the topics and speakers will be announced soon, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, watch the first session of the webinar. If not for the valuable information, then at least to see Nille’s wonderful vacation spot! He kind of took us with him around and made us realize we aren’t just among colleagues, but amongst friends too. 😊