Paper clappers are popular by fans to support their team. They are just a folded piece of thicker Paper. But by clapping them they make a hell of noise even in an indoor hall.

One of our clients is sponsoring a volleyball team playing in the 2nd highest German volleyball league. They wanted a more creative solution than the usual “big logo print”.

To visualize the noise and the support for the team we created a motive showing the lower part of a monkeys face wearing the original team shirt of this season. The monkeys face is different for each of the 12 home matches and shows different emotional states. The chant in the left corner can be proposed and chosen by the fans on Facebook. The chant chosen is rewarded with a prize and the name of the person suggested it is mentioned on the fan clapper of the next home match.

The clappers are produced by digital print and serially numbered. Every series is limited by 500 copies. So they are collectable for the fans. The first 3 home games are over and the campaign gain a lot of positive response on Facebook and personally submitted.