In the spring of 2018, the energy company Fortum had a positive problem. They had sold such a big volume of solar panel package orders to detached houses that their installation network capacity was not suffice.

The waiting time for solar panel deliveries was extended to a couple of months; at the time of order, Fortum could not determine the exact time of installation.

There was a risk that their customer satisfaction could plunge and, at the worst, the customer might cancel his order and place it at a competitor.

 The number of new customers waiting for their solar panels was too high; the Fortum sales staff was not able to contact them all individually.


Direct mailing, the old trusted tool, was taken as a help to the problem. All those waiting for their panels received two massive direct mailings, each of them including a gift:

  1. Thank you for your order – we are sorry that you have got to wait for a while.

The mailing consisted of a box with, in addition to a personal letter, a folder consolidating the purchase decision with the benefits of solar energy and some sunny stickers. The mailing included also a gift: a pocket-sized solar charger that immediately could provide the customer with solar energy for his cell or tablet.

  1. Thanks for a smart choice – you will get your panels soon.

The second mailing was also a box. It included, in addition to a personal letter, a guide informing the customer about the best ways to get a benefit of the panels and how they should be maintained. Besides the letter, there was a gift in the box – a pack of coffee, which the customer could use to brew a cup of coffee with their own solar energy.