The first half of the year proved to be very challenging and successful for Create Direct, with more and more clients starting to realize the importance and efficiency of loyalty clubs, rewards and incentive marketing. Since the beginning of 2018, two new clients chose our REWARDIFUL SaaS solution for rewarding and tighten their relationship with their partners – Sony and Bramac – with many more clients currently under development.

As a result, after just a few days needed for setup, both platforms now each have an online shop of over 200 prizes available, from a wide range of products, including the latest gadgets, electronics, DIY products, experiences and many others, and have already rewarding partners for selling Sony Xperia and Bramac products.

The mechanism is quite simple, the partners earn points by registering their sales, and use them for choosing the prizes available in the online shops, exclusively for them.

Visit the platforms here:
The Sony Xperia Platform –
The Bramac Platform –

But wait, there’s more!
One month after the GDPR start, Smart Consent, the SaaS solution designed to help companies’ marketing departments become compliant with GDPR, is already the choice for six big clients on the Romanian market– to provide them with a comprehensive solution for consent management under GDPR.
Find out more about Smart Consent on and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about these products.