When people are barbecuing they often share this on social media. Especially on Instagram stories, Facebook stories and Snapchat people are often sharing their perfect grilled food or the nice time they have with their friends.

With these channels Weber products are visible for a lot of people, without paying any costs for advertising. However, for a lot of these people the product they see is just an ordinary barbecue, since they are not familiar or don’t connect it with the Weber brand.

Therefore vandenbusken created several GIPHY stickers, which people can use to add to their photos and videos. All stickers are Weber branded and can be found by searching on relevant search terms (like grilling, Weber and some of their competitors), which means people are now seeing the Weber product and/or people having fun together with Weber stickers.

Within just 2 weeks the stickers have been viewed over 1 million times (means via GIPHY or any of their partners like Instagram and Facebook), just by shares of their followers and without paying any advertising costs.

A success, which we certainly will use for other clients as well!