With the new year starting at full speed for so many of us in the marketing world, came the time for IDN Management to follow up on last year’s results and head for new horizons in 2018. The meeting occurred between the former Executive Chairman and Founder of InterDirect, Pieter van den Busken, Cosmin Lacatusu (Executive Chairman of InterDirect) and Arnout van den Busken (Board Member) in vandenbusken headquarter in Amsterdam.

The main topics focused on innovative ways to attract new members in 2018, as well as discussing a new strategy and finding engaging activities and ideas to keep improving the added value InterDirect offers to its members and to start extending and increasing collaboration between members by promoting their unique solutions and services.

First on the agenda is a new set of Webinar Sessions planned for the following months, with new creative solutions and tactics to be presented by our member speakers to the entire network, following the success of last year’s sessions.