2021 was eventful, difficult at times, but here we are, almost at the end of it, with more knowledge and experience than ever before. We have been pushed to be more creative, more determined and more open to change. It’s safe to say that it made us stronger, overall. A new year is just around the corner and there’s no better way of integrating this year’s experiences and lessons than looking back at the most important events for IDN.

Here is a quick review of IDN in 2021:

IDN e-Managers Meeting

The IDN e-Managers Meeting tackled the topic of digital marketing transformation.

The meeting, organized by Harvest Digital, had two special guests who offered IDN members valuable insight on how digital marketing can be used to our advantage. In turn, the IDN participants presented excellent cases, making the meeting a true success.

You can access the recorded e-Managers Meeting here.

Successful projects

As 2021 kept unravelling, B&F, Create Direct and Direxions shared their success with us through the monthly newsletter. You can read all about their successful projects in the articles present on our blog.

Amsterdam IDN Creative & Strategic Forum 

As unpredictable as 2021 was due to the pandemic and its ever-changing safety rules, the IDN Creative & Strategic Forum happened in person as well as online. This was our first hybrid event and it went so well, we are excited to repeat the experience. vandenbusken team organized one of our best events to date. From start to finish, IDN Creative & Strategic Forum was a rich experience. The speakers were excellent and our member’s cases were insightful.

In keeping with the tone of positive changes, new IDN Awards categories emerged this year. The awards categories have been refreshed altogether.

We closed the event with by celebrating our members’ projects by awarding them for their hard work in strategy and creativity.

You can see our list of winners here.

We encourage you to create your own 2021 snapshot as a quick review of your business development and perhaps share it with our community in our next IDN monthly newsletter.