When the universe plots a digital transformation, we have an IDN e-Managers Meeting. Fast changes demand adaptability to the new environment and we, as marketing professionals, know that knowledge exchange is crucial.

The IDN e-Managers Meeting has come and gone, but the information stays.

We have gained invaluable knowledge thanks to our speakers and their presentations. The direction we are on became clearer. We have a better understand on how to launch and set the course of our projects for successful results. To keep the space metaphor, the vast unknown of the digital transformation is less of a mystery now.

Harvest Digital, the organizing team of the event, has introduced us to speakers that shed light on some burning topics: conversion rate optimisation as a service, how to have a smooth transition out of the pandemic and how to win a retail client under the circumstances we are facing this year. You can watch the recorded IDN e-Managers Meeting here.

Our own IDN members prepared presentations of their best cases and proved, once again, that no pandemic is holding them back from achieving whatever they set their mind to. We hope you didn’t miss any of it because all the speakers and presentations were equally brilliant and inspiring.

In case you did miss it, or simply wish to refresh your memory, you can access their cases below.

Ideation retail memberships – vandenbusken

IDN case study – The Privilege Club 07.05.2021 – direxions

IDN MM 2021_Sustainable and funny – B&F

IDN Presentatie RAI Motormaand- vandenbusken

Indeed case – vandenbusken