Thank you to all participants to the IDN Strategic & Creative Forum 2017 in Lisbon. We hope it was an interesting, fun and emotional experience for all of you. And as always, we look forward to seeing you all again at our next Meeting.

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Also, a big “OBRIGADO” to Sales Group team in Lisbon, for their work and effort to make such an event happen.

Until our next meeting, we are happy to publish here all the presentations from this year’s meeting in Lisbon. See you all next time!

Country Name Presentation
Norway Nina Eriksson & Greger Flak Campaigns, programmatic buying and trends in digital marketing 
Singapore Jos Birken Agencies world status update (trends, insights and fresh info about agencies world)
 France Guillaume Villemot How your agency can compete with larger competitors?
Mário Silveiro de Barros How GDPR will affect marketing campaigns
Ireland Michael Killeen & Paul Gibson CX Masterclass
Portugal Vania Silva Case Study
Norway Thomas Granquist Andresen ProtecThor – case study
Austria Astrid Weninger Cats & Dogs_FIN – case study
Finland Tuija Malinen IDN_luovamökkitie – case study
Italy Elisa Lombardo Darphin_DMGroup
Romania Adina Georgescu Centrale cu premii IDN
Netherlands Arnout Brand Focus Measurement tool
Singapore Jos Birken IDN Next stop – Bangkok