AGENCY: Mainostoimisto Suhde
Project: IKEA Business – B2B multichannel campaign

Our first step was to invite business decision-makers who works at small and medium size construction businesses (main goal was to introduce IKEA kitchens to them) and offices (main goal was to introduce office furniture’s to them) to IKEA BUSINESS corporate event.

We didn’t have any e-mail addresses of the business decision-makers in question, so we ended up sending a self-mailer to them. (13.000 Small and medium size construction business decision-makers and 20.000 Construction office decision-makers.)

Our goal was to get decision-makers to visit IKEA BUSINESS-website and:

a) get them to Sign-up to IKEA BUSINESS corporate event (there was a highlighted post on the first page, which linked people to the sign-up form)

b) get them to familiarize themselves with the website

c) get them to subscribe to the IKEA BUSINESS newsletter

Even though there is “a long journey” from the self-mailer to the campaign website, we succeeded well in our goals. All corporate events were fully booked in a short time and we got a lot of new website visitors into IKEA BUSINESS websites. Based on this multichannel campaign experience, we fully believe that there is a good chance to lead people from printed self-mailers to the website.

A) Self-mailer to 13.000 Small and medium size construction business decision-makers. (IKEA Kitchens)

B) Self-mailer to 20.000 Construction office decision-makers. (IKEA Office furnitures)

C) IKEA BUSINESS website. There was a highlighted post on the IKEA Business first page, which linked people to the event sign-up form. (Unfortunately, we have no original picture of the post)