Thank you to all IDN members for participating at the InterDirect Network Forum 2013, in Paris.

Hope you all had a wonderful experience!

Here you will find all the presentations from the event. See you all next time!

Country Name Presentation
IDN members InterDirect Network 25th anniversary book
Finland Jarmo Kuisma & Timo Järvensivu 25 Years of the InterDirect Network Strategic Evolution
France Mani Pessiani How TO MAKE MONEY WITH mobile marketing !
France Marmiton My Orange Shop on Facebook
France Marmiton First food and cooking platform in France
France Jaguar JAGUAR Brand Presentation
France CCUA C’est comme une agence – presentation
Sweden Niklas Fornelius ROI Division
Germany Herbert To be or not to be
UK Mark Reddick Tales from the Gutter Bar – my life as a Judge at Cannes
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Workshop Team 3 click here to download (ppt)
Workshop Team 4 click here to download (ppt)