The company, led by Mr. Ichiro Niwayama, started out as a consulting firm specializing in database marketing in 1990, and went on to become a specialized B2B database marketing agency, starting 2001. Since then, their client portfolio developed continuously, Symphony Marketing providing their support for over 300 corporate clients.

Focused mainly in the manufacturing and the Information Technology industry, Symphony Marketing introduced the term of “marketing factory”, creating new, more effective ways for B2B companies to sell their products and services.

The company works as a one-stop shop for managing, developing and refining data, constantly creating new ways to help their clients increase sales to varied audiences, while always keeping a close eye on refining operations to maximize results.

Services provided:

•    Marketing consultancy services
•    Marketing automation
•    Web/content development

•    Marketing campaigns
•    Partner marketing
•    Data management

•    Telemarketing
•    Lead nurturing
•    Global support
Clients (selection):

•    Sony
•    Olympus Corporation
•    NEC Corporation
•    Renesas Electronics Corporation
•    AMD Japan, Ltd.
•    Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation
•    Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.

•    Symantec Japan, Inc
•    BT Japan
•    Accenture Japan Ltd