For us Finns, sauna is the same as pizza is for Italians, or almost as important as Ikea is for the Swedish. In the Finnish sauna-culture, the traditions of relaxing and socializing are combined. Sauna is a place where titles are rinsed and whisked away. It’s a place where people really are naked.

The Finnish family-owned company Karava creates saunas and wood-based products according to the customer’s dreams and wishes. Advertising agency Suhde launched a large-scale internationalization project for Karava, focusing especially on the markets of Asia and Middle East. If needed, the Swedish are also kept in mind 😉

From the get-go, the cooperation between Suhde and Karava has been innovative and efficient. Additionally, Suhde also carried out the freshening up of the Karava brand and created a competitive customer promise for the company. The cooperation with Karava has moved on to an interesting point and the idea for the future is to make the high quality and modernly designed Karava saunas and wood-based products a part of people’s lives globally.

If you can imagine it, we can make it reality! –Karava