The Jaguar Club is a successful strategy for Customer Relationship Management who reached out 93% of the members of the Club. Et Vous Agency created an application of customer loyalty for the Jaguar Club members. It is the first application dedicated to the club members in the European automobile industry. This application includes events related to the brand and activities related to the customers personal interest and premium offers. In 2018, the Jaguar Club organised 77 events : 38 in Ile-de-France , 28 in province and 10 abroad. This application is not only a mobile version of the site but an essential tool for being at the first place to open the doors to a world of unlimited privileges. This is more than just a customer services application but a handy way to share the Jaguar lifestyle to the Club and imagined for the Jaguar Club members. The reflection behind this application targets be used to simplify the path for customers, to build a strong business image and to retain members. This application combines service, simplicity and immediacy to increase the relevancy of the relationship based on the proposed experience, to expand the influence of the French Club and to maintain the leadership of the customer relationship management. The members have direct access to their car information, to the dedicated team, and to the events catalog adapted to their respective needs… A genuine personalized application, who has been inspired by and for the Jaguar Club members.