EtVous Agency has been working with La French Baguette for the past two months in order to launch a brand new concept: a do-it-yourself kit to prepare a delicious baguette at home.

The kit is composed with 2 ingredients (100% French flour and yeast), a cardboard mould and a recipe and also has a postcard version to send it all over the world. Thus, all French gastronomy lovers can now prepare their own baguette at home to impress friends and family…

This innovative project, which is both a DIY activity and a special gift for travelers, is Eva Broussou’s idea, a bouncy business woman with limitless imagination. EtVous Agency managed La French Baguette’s launch campaign with many tools such as a website, ads, posters and a Facebook page in order to increase its visibility.

La French Baguette is now followed by a lively community and the kits are available in several points of sale: Normandy, Paris and even the Dieppe-New Heaven ferry’s store…A success story to be continued!

If you want to launch it in your country, let us know at the following email address: