It is not rare to see children play with the toys they found in their me-nus while having lunch or dinner in restaurant. Nevertheless, these toys are often supposed to be played alone, thus representing a relief for upset parents. Our mission was not only to create a playful toy but also to offer a puzzling toy in order to trigger curiosity and arouse conversations.

How to arouse Conversations around a toy? First, it had to be something that could be played in teams. Secondly, it had to gather not only children but also teenagers and even adults together. Third, we wanted to link it to a special event. We chose to focus on the 2018 FIFA World Cup and imagined the fingerfoot.

What’s the concept? Play in two teams by passing ones fingers in players made of cardboard and run behind the ball on a ground made of a shoe box. Conceiving this game was a mean to create a new experience in Léon de Bruxelles’ restaurants. Thanks to the fingerfoot, EtVous Agency aimed at arousing Conversations between adults and children, families and waiters, brothers and sisters, that is to strengthen relationships by engaging conversations.