Finnish insurance company If want´s to offer smooth insurance solutions for their customers and increase its own efficiency. That is why If encourages their customers to use its e-services. It is also good for our environment when the amount of paper use reduces when transactions become electronic.

To speed up its e-services, If has organized voluntary work for their customers with a purpose to clean up 100 000 kg of blue-green algae from the Baltic Sea. The mechanism is simple: every time If´s customer chooses an e-service activity e.g an electronic insurance post or electronic billing, If will donate money to help the Baltic Sea protection. With the collected amount they will remove 1,6 kg of blue-green algae from the Baltic Sea.

Campaigning to remove blue-green algae has been done electronically in all usable channels: e-mail, If´s websites and social media channels.

In addition, the campaign has its own website (, in Finnish), where you can follow the progress of the set target and read more about the importance of the Baltic Sea protection.

The target of the campaign, the Baltic Sea, was selected since its protection concerns every Finn. The Baltic Sea has eutrophicated as a result of excessive nutrients. The color of the water is blurry, and the dead areas of the bottom of the sea has increased and the algae blooms have become more common. The fastest way to heal the situation of the Baltic Sea is to remove the blue-green algae and to reduce the inputs of the nutrients running in to the Baltic sea.