abcfinance is a leading fintech company offering banking and factoring solutions for a variety of industries.

Times like this don‘t make it easy to maintain personal contact with customers and clients. However, this is more important than ever. Due to a change in the Corona law, B&F

designed a small care package for abcfinance. In Germany, wearing FFP2 masks in shops, parking lots and public buildings will be mandatory since Feb 2021.

200 consultants at abcfinance could send to each of their clients a personal card including a photo and original signature. As a small thank you for the customers loyalty two FFP2 masks and other small items were added to the card, which are very useful during this time.

The feedback from the consultants was just as positive as that of their clients. A pleasant and useful haptic break at a time when contacts almost digital are possible. Thanks to digital printing from concept to delivery it took just seven days.