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And enlarge your international coverage, knowledge and portfolio of clients

Becoming a member

We also take a flexible attitude to client needs. Rather than suffering the rigid centralised structure that is often a feature of large networks, we provide our service in a way which is sympathetic to clients’ local market needs.

Working with clients

InterDirect agencies run in parallel to clients’ national or international offices. So whether they want to use a centralised network, or prefer to develop campaigns on a bespoke basis, country by country, we can provide an approach tailored to the specific needs.

  • If you are an independent direct & digital marketing agency that feels that they could benefit from joining the network, we’d be delighted to hear from you. We are currently looking for more members in Asia, Mid and South America as well as in Australia.

For more information about the network, please contact InterDirect Central Coordination Center. As is the custom, there is an incentive to encourage response! We look forward to hearing from prospective agencies.

I want to became a member

    Agency membership criteria

    • At least 3 years in the market

    • Stable financial situation

    • Independent management (as in not a part of the major advertising networks)

    • Minimal 8 to 20 employees in the in data marketing, creative and digital field

    • Good reputation in the national Data Marketing and Digital field

    • International focus and international clients/brands

    Benefits for you

    • International positioning reputation in the national market, without losing your independence.

    • More and better new business opportunities from your local and from the international markets

    • Information and knowledge from 30 network colleagues and the international data marketing & digital world

    • Network meetings, including the annual InterDirect Management Meeting, Strategic & Creative Forum (more than 70 international attendants of InterDirect, and the Member’s Spring Meeting, each year rotating in different countries/cities).

    • Access to our internal InterDirect Pandora Knowledge Library, only for members, with over 500 case-studies from different industries.

    • Many other benefits. Please contact the Central Coordination Center for more information

    Primary Membership

    2750Annual fee

    Country Membership

    1950Annual fee

    X-Country Membership

    5000Annual fee

    Who attends IDN meetings?

    InterDirect has 2 meetings during the year. The locations of these events rotate around the world from London to Singapore, at our members sites. On these events usually participates the CEO of the members agencies and also the middle management, creative, strategies, digital etc.

    The topics of the events are hot topics from the industry:

    • social media and campaign strategy
    • augmented reality
    • big data
    • eye tracking on creativity of website and printed designs
    • loyalty programs and results
    • performance marketing

    How do we communicate?

    InterDirect Central Coordination Centre is the centre, responsible for agency coordination and liaison. It also handles new business enquiries and provides information about the network.

    Member can communicate through the InterDirect CCC, but also direct by email, skype or #slack on the IDN Slack channel.