Skin dryness is a common problem with both men and women. In the cold North, people’s skin is under constant testing due to challenging conditions. At the same time in the warm countries, people´s skin problems concern abrasion and moisturizing problems. For these reasons the Finnish AMOA, a specialist in the area of intimate care, has begun to solve people’s skin problems around the world.

AMOA is a Finnish company specialising in the health of the intimate area. AMOA products are based on strict scientific research and product development, offering safe and effective alternatives for everyday use. Use AMOA Fresh intimate wash gel and AMOA Balance intimate moisturising cream to gently clean, soothe, nourish and protect the skin in your intimate area. The natural, high-quality ingredients include cranberry, calendula and avocado oil. In addition to that, the product family of AMOA includes Aqua Panthenol–waterbased lubricant and AMOA Aqua Cranberry–caring and moisturizing lubricant. Furthermore, a whole new family of products is in the works: AMOA Sensual Body Lotion ja Sensual Body Wash.

The cooperation with marketing agency Suhde begun with workshops in summer 2017. The goal of the mutual brainstorming sessions was to renew and unite the whole AMOA-brand, and to develop an omnichannel marketing plan for the domestic and foreign markets. The mission of Suhde has also been to clarify the hierarchy of the products and to create a basic body lotion and wash gel alongside the intimate care products in order to reach an even wider amount of consumers. The ultimate purpose has been to create a new, more comprehensive, AMOA, which quality and additive-free products suite everyone, regardless of gender.

AMOA – Premium Skin Care