Nextens, a Dutch market leader in tax declaration software, recently introduced a new feature: the Nextens dashboards. This new feature provides tax advisors a clear visual overview of the financial situation of their client with easy to understand graphs and charts. Tax advisors can use this tool during their consultation with a client.

Nextens asked vandenbusken to create a fully digital focused campaign that introduces this new feature to their premium clients. Our approach was to bring the message in two phases.

The first part of the campaign started the day after the Dashboards were officially launched. We visualized the launch by using stage curtains in a video animation and an GIF. We used the headline: “You must see this”. During this part of the campaign we used a Facebook canvas, a Facebook video and an EDM.

The second part of the campaign is planned for the start of the year, because tax advisors are meeting their clients to review the year. This is a time when advisors can use the Dashboards the most. This part of the campaign will be more in-depth. Within, we will use the concept: “a picture is worth more than 1.000 digits” (Wordplay on the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words), as a reference to the clear overview that Nextens Dashboards gives.

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