NXT/A2N recently signed a contract with LINK Mobility, the biggest provider of Mobile communication in Europe. Huge possibilities for us as we now become a part of LINKs deliverance team. Together we will assist both existing and potential customers in developing targeted campaigns.

87% of us have our cell by our side all hours of the day, and we look at it approximately 150 times a day. Scary numbers for a lot of us, but on the other hand it opens up to great possibilities when it comes to mobile marketing.

This alliance with LINK will open many doors for us. By offering our customers technology with solid proof that increase both interest and conversion rate we will have an advantage to our competitors.

Jan Tore Kjær, Director of marketing & sales in LINK is certain that the alliance with NXT/A2N will create great synergies for both companies.

About LINK Mobility
LINK Mobility is the leading provider of mobile communication and mobile services in Europe. A total of 6 billion SMS was sent by LINKs customers in 2017. LINK focus on digitization and simplification of processes and delivers services such as loyalty clubs, mobile payment and simple SMS-services where businesses easily can communicate directly with their customers.

NXT/A2N is passionate about creating results for our customers. And with a partner such as LINK we will have a technical platform available that will, combined with our existing services strengthen our position as one of Norway’s leading campaign agencies.