‘XpertHR Antwoordbank’ is an online portal for managers and HR professionals, that gives quick insights on HR related questions and topics. XpertHR, a label of the publisher Reed Business, asked vandenbusken to come up with an idea to make all their inactive clients more active and concerned by XpertHR.

So, we decided to make a memory quiz with questions based on the content of XpertHR. For example, questions as: How many CAO’s are available at XpertHR? Because of the possibility to win prizes they will connect even more with their clients. The winner is chosen at different levels, namely: speed and correct answers. So, the three fastest with the right answers won.

We did not only designed the memory quiz but besides that we created a landings page to post the quiz on. Which would be promoted by hyperlinks in direct mails.

We are really satisfied with the positive results from all the motivated clients of XpertHR. Because of the great results we are currently working on a hard copy version which can be sent by direct mail.