In 2017, Agency Et Vous was chosen by Pomme de Pain, a famous  sandwich chain in France, to change its image into a Love Brand.  Pomme de Pain has already changed their marketing position into a  “fast-good” image based on better product quality.

Pomme de Pain is a pioneer as a sandwich maker since 1980 : they  have added various activities like coffee lounges or take-away kiosks.  In 2016, they wanted to focus on their speciality : the sandwich.  Now, they are known as Pomme de Pain – La maison du Sandwich,  literally the home of the sandwich.

EtVous Agency had the mission to create a promotional video for the  AOP Saint-Nectaire sandwich range. We collaborated with the AOP  Saint-Nectaire brand, a famous french cheese to have the right for  using their visuals.

In this video, we wanted to share creativity, emotion and gourmandise  to our beloved followers.   Thus, we uploaded it on Pomme de Pain’s youtube channel, on  Pomme de Pain France’s facebook page and few pictures on Pomme  de Pain fr’s instagram page. We reach more than 500 000 views since  the launch.

The AOP Saint-Nectaire sandwich video is also broadcasted on all  Pomme de Pain’s restaurant in France.