Pomme de Pain is a pioneer as a sandwich maker since 1980 : they have added various activities like coffee lounges or take-away kiosks.
They focused on sandwiches, their strengths are the fresh food in their sandwiches, and their upon request preparations.

In 2017, Agency Et Vous was chosen by Pomme de Pain. They has already changed their marketing position into a “fast-good” image based on better product quality.

The mission of EtVous Agency was to create a major awareness campaign with a minimal budget for Pomme de Pain. This is why we have chosen a digital display in subway stations for our advertising campaigns, to benefit: a larger audience, the choice of broadcasting schedule, send our advertising message at the best possible time, control our budget.

The 69 Subway stations where you find our advertising allow us to reach our main targets because consumers use them every day. In November we had approximately 63,818 spots broadcast on +/- 140, from 8am to 9:30am and 11:30am to 1pm, i.e. 2,204,060 people reached.

We have chosen to spotlight the signature of Pomme de Pain to make it known to the public. So their signature is the combination of good production and good preparation, and their slogan: sandwich on demand looking for gourmet taste buds «sandwich à la demande recherche papilles gourmandes».