In 2017, Pomme de Pain, a famous sandwich chain in France, contacted EtVous Agency in order to change its image into a Love Brand.
Pomme de Pain has already changed their marketing position into a “fast-good” image based on better product quality.

Pomme de Pain is a pioneer as a sandwich maker since 1980: they have added various activities like coffee lounges or take-away kiosks. In 2016, they wanted to focus on their specialty : the sandwich.
Now, they are known as Pomme de Pain – La maison du Sandwich, literally the home of the sandwich.

EtVous Agency proposed to create a Pomme de Pain Instagram account to benefit from the emotional and creative values of this social network.
The account was launched in august 2018 with a first collaboration with Fanta.
We are looking for creativity, emotion, enthusiasm and spontaneity. That is how we have proposed a two axes strategy: lifestyle and behind the scenes.

Thus, for the lifestyle part: 1 to 2 posts were shared by week on the Instagram feed. We use the stories to tease the feed’s post and exclusive content per month.

Then, for the behind the scenes posts: it is one post per week for more transparency and spontaneity with the followers.
Now, we have reached 8,45% in engagement rate based on social blade data. It is twice our expectations, twice of the love we are looking for.