In 2017, Agency Et Vous was chosen by Pomme de Pain, a famous sandwich chain in France, to change its image into a Love Brand.
Pomme de Pain has already changed their marketing position into a “fast-good” image based on better product quality.

Pomme de Pain is a pioneer as a sandwich maker since 1980, every season they are launching new recipes more and more innovative such as their new sandwich for April and May months : Le New Yorkais.

This sandwich is made with pastrami beef of French origin, hollow cheese and turmeric, cherry tomatoes, arugula and red onion pickles.

The agency Et Vous wanted to innovate by offering a contest with an app on which you can scan your bill.

The Vazee app allows anyone who consumes a menu at Pomme de Pain, to win a 5 day stay for 2 in New York.

You just have to scan the bill on the app to participate. If you take the New York menu you have 2 times more chances to win.

To promote this contest the Agency Et Vous followed a digital strategy buy promoting it on cash screens restaurant and via newsletters. But also street marketing with flyers. The agency also used tools such as SEA, Search Engine Advertising, to highlight the contest on social networks facebook and instagram.

This type of contest is smart and efficient because it rewards the people who are already buying a sandwich : consumers which are coming to take their menu are invited to participate in the contest and they are in a way rewarded for their faithfulness.

Furthermore it is a good way to promote the location of restaurants in France. Since the consumer has to buy a menu to participate he will search for a restaurant nearby and realise that their is one close to is place or work.