CLIENT NAME: Istituto Ganassini – Rilastil
Campaign started: December 1, 2016
Campaign ended: December 31, 2018
Created at: July 11, 2017


The main target of this product family are the future mothers, so Rilastil needs to dedicate to all future mothers a new space where share contents by digital support in a view to to accompany them in their 9 months wait, through counseling, fun activities, information on beauty treatments and wellness.


The project is made up of a digital product rich in editorial content, divided into six main themes:
sports and leisure,
the Rilastil Board (dedicated to more medical and scientific advice),
curiosity of future mothers,
health and wellbeing.
For each of these themes, there are in-depth articles relating to each month of pregnancy. So women waiting can, month to month, read the most interesting contents for the pregnancy they are experiencing.
The key element of the project is “MY DIARY”, a section in which there are several services and activities available to users registered on the site. The activities are as follows:
1. Announces Birth: a tool that allows users to send an email to all their friends to announce the birth of their baby. Email is customizable with photos, weight, length, name, time and date of birth and also a custom message.
2. Wall of the questions: a tool through which users can post all the doubts that come to mind, from the simplest to the leniest to the deeper ones, to share them with other moms and be comforted by the fact that in the 9 months of waiting all the Women are pervaded by a thousand questions.
3. 9 months in a film (timelapse): a space where future moms can take pictures of their belly to document their growth, creating a real mini movie. From the site they can also create a custom url to share the movie with who they want.
4. Pregnancy Album: A section in which the future mom can choose whether she is waiting for a male or female and complete the album of their waiting, uploading their favorite photos and then downloading the album sheet pdf
5. Spotify: Rilastil has devoted a soundtrack to future moms to accompany them in their free time and leisure
6. Quiz: 3 fun quizzes, featured on moms at 3rd, 6th and 8th month of pregnancy to entertain future moms. True fake test, which is your mother’s mother, is the ideal bedroom for your baby The site also contains tips on beauty routines in the 9 months and also post-partum (see section remise en form), where articles are featured Beauty tips combined with the recommended Rilastil products.
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Main Results:
14,765 moms enrolled
over 2,500.00 interactions with content delivered by Rilastil during the period: postings, videos and tweet views and / or posts, tweet
50,000 unique visitors to the site between December ’16 and March ’17
+ 15% increase Fan Base